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real estate mastery courses

Unlock the secrets of real estate success!

Build a solid foundation in the real estate industry with our comprehensive basic & advanced course on real estate sales and leasing.

Our Real Estate Mastery Basic Course covers all the essential topics including real estate terminology, principles, property types, verticals, financing options, property management and legal regulations.

Our Real Estate Mastery Advanced Course covers sales and leasing of residential, commercial, retail, land and warehousing properties, giving students an in-depth understanding of each vertical.

The advanced course is ideal for those who have already completed the Basic Real Estate Course or have prior experience in the industry.

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Our Development Courses


Coaching isn’t just about having a cheery motivational coach; it’s about having a mentor who’s able to help you expand your skills faster than you could on your own.

“I believe that coaching is an effective way to help people achieve their goals and reach their full potential. I want to share my knowledge, expertise, and experiences with others, and help them navigate the complex world of real estate.” – Mr. Vikas Goenka

“Success Mindset Secrets” is a comprehensive 3-month course designed to help individuals develop the mindset necessary to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

The program is tailored for those who want to improve their personal and professional lives by mastering the art of success.

“Habit Mastery” is a comprehensive program designed to help individuals develop positive habits that support their personal and professional growth.

Habits are an essential part of our daily lives, and they play a crucial role in shaping our future. Developing good habits is necessary to achieve success in life.

“Speak with Confidence: The Art of Public Speaking” is designed to help individuals overcome their fears and develop the skills necessary to deliver impactful speeches in public.

The program is tailored to each individual’s needs, with an initial consultation to determine their goals and areas of improvement. From there, the learner receives personalized coaching and feedback over the course of 12 weekly sessions, each lasting between 60-90 minutes.

In the “Personal Branding & Marketing Course”, you will learn how to create a powerful personal brand that sets you apart from the competition. From crafting a compelling story to leveraging social media platforms, you’ll gain practical strategies to attract and retain clients.

Join us and start building a brand that resonates with your target audience and drives your real estate business forward!

Our Programs

One-to-one coaching is a highly personalized approach to professional development, offering clients a tailored program to help them achieve their goals. Mr. Vikas Goenka, a renowned life coach and motivational speaker, offers a range of one-to-one coaching services to individuals seeking to improve their personal and professional lives.

Group coaching is a powerful tool for personal and professional development, allowing individuals to work together towards common goals while benefitting from the insights and support of others in the group. Mr. Vikas Goenka’s group coaching programs typically consist of small groups of individuals, allowing for more personalized attention and tailored coaching.

Organizational coaching is a process of helping individuals and teams within an organization to develop new skills, improve their communication and collaboration, and work more effectively towards common goals. Mr. Vikas Goenka’s organizational coaching programs are tailored to the unique needs and challenges of each organization, and are designed to help clients achieve their specific objectives and goals.

As a successful entrepreneur and business owner, Mr. Vikas Goenka understands the value of providing mentorship and guidance to aspiring professionals. One of the ways he does this is by offering internship opportunities within his real estate consultancy business, providing interns with valuable experience and learning opportunities while also supporting the growth and development of his business.

Vikas Goenka

Why I started coaching?

Over the years, I have come to realize that there are many people who are interested in pursuing a career in real estate but lack the necessary guidance and resources to get started. That's why I have decided to start coaching people who are passionate about real estate and looking to build a successful career in this industry.

  • To Help Others Succeed
  • To Share My Knowledge and Expertise
  • To Provide Personalized Guidance and Support
  • To Build a Stronger Real Estate Community
  • To Stay Involved and Engaged in the Industry
4 reasons why you should

Sign up for our coaching program

Businesses are often a game of trial and error – making projections, setting prices accordingly, watching the market, and doing your best to sell. With coaching, you take a lot of the guesswork out of this process and are able to hit your goals faster and more efficiently.


Want to become a successful salesperson in real estate? Here’s why coaching is key:

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